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‘Songs for Summer’ performed at Whole Punch – 14 Feb 2018

Whole Punch: A Waste Paper Opera NightDUyweQ4XkAAEHTu.jpg-large
Whole Punch is an unstructured bingo night filled with unexpected, pleasantly nonsensical philosophy, music and art, followed by five minutes of unbearable sadness, followed by treats. Presented by Waste Paper Opera Company, who mix jazz with baroque music and make costumes out of old paper (because it’s in the name) and comedian and quizmaster Ben Kane (1thunna). Featuring baritones and ballet dancers, Kurt Weill karaoke and ragtime, a plethora of different rubbish attached to people, some propaganda, some cellists, some electronics and some wine. You’ll see new talent and seasoned professionals, AND, you get your money back if you perform!

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