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Uprooted from the cracks of tarmac and fern flitches, the SOAPWORT slinks and glitches through liquid life, full-suds and fanciful. Dappled with dew and sewer stains, this windpuff-bonnet of folly-froth reigns and self-seeds in a world of wet concrete and weeds.

Performed by Jade Brider
Music by Ryan Latimer

Sound Mixing by Luke Morrish-Thomas
Filmed by Kristian Šantić Edited by Jade Brider
Featuring Workers Union Ensemble
Anna Durance – Cor Anglais
Ellie Steemson– Saxophone
Caz Wolfson – Percussion
Joley Cragg – Percussion
Edward Pick – Piano
Mercedes Cartwright – Double Bass

Produced by Jade Brider, Ryan Latimer and Anna Durance
Supported by Workers Union Ensemble Audience Commissioning Fund